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Adjustment of water supply along the contact line

On April 2, ADRA Ukraine in partnership with the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) launched the project ” Improvement of WASH conditions in decentralized water supply system in Volnovakha rayon, Nikolske rayon, Mariinka rayon and Mangush rayon in Donetsk region”.

The deterioration of the social and economic factors caused by the conflict in the East of Ukraine has significantly influenced on people’s living standards, especially on water supply and sanitation.

Therefore, our purpose is to establish access to drinking water in the places with decentralized water supply system and improve the sanitary and hygiene condition of social institutions to reduce the risk of epidemics of diseases in kindergartens and schools.

In such a way, the work of the project includes:

1) repairing old ones and installing new water purification systems to provide high-quality drinking water to social institutions (schools, kindergartens, medical institutions), purchase of new sanitary equipment for social institutions (toilet bowls, water heaters, mixers, boilers, washstands, shower cabins, etc.);

2) plugging wells and installing water towers of Rozhnovsky;

3) repair of the present and laying of the new pipeline, the purchase of pumping equipment and isolation valves.

We provide assistance to settlements according to the following criteria:

  • presence of critical need;
  • close location to the contact line;
  • number of inhabitants, especially children;
  • recommendations from local authorities;
  • the ability to complete all of work in the case of the providing of materials and equipment;
  • the ability to prepare all necessary documentation in accordance to the legislation of Ukraine.

The project will be implemented by March 31, 2019.