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ADRA Ukraine launches the project “Children to Children”!

The main goal of the project is to give our attention to children who desperately need it: orphans, children from low-income families, children affected by the armed conflict in eastern Ukraine, children with disabilities.

We invite you to join the project and make children’s life brighter.

How to do it?

Get an empty box from our volunteers, fill it with gifts. Return the box filled with gifts to the volunteers who will send it to the child.
Transfer money to the account of the organization. The approximate price of one box is 300 UAH. We will spend all the proceeds on the purchase of gifts: stationery, hygiene kits, toys and goodies. Gift boxes will be sent to the most vulnerable children.
Please note that the donation amount is non-refundable.

We encourage everyone to support the project and join it in the most convenient way for you.

To receive empty gift boxes, call the following numbers:

▪️ in Slovyansk – Makkim Lazerev, 0995045450
▪️in Chernihiv – Maxim Buga, 0936770555
▪️ in Sumy – Alexander Presakar, 0934099904
▪️in the Dnieper – Pavlo Vistratenko, 0933907643
▪️ in Berdyansk – Valery Vodopyanov, 0933907628
▪️in Kryvyi Rih – Oleksandr Meshcheryakov, 0933907657
▪️in Kharkiv – Oleg Vasylenko, 0933907627
▪️in Zaporizhia – Denis Antonov, 0933907640
▪️in Smila – Roman Vasylchak, 0972685297
▪️in Horishni Plavny – Lilia Moskalenko, 0507485733
▪️in Kremenchug – Natalia Sheleyko, 0971003745
▪️in Uman – Lyudmila Panasyuk, 0988360366
▪️in Cherkasy – Iryna Derdyuk, 0937441778
▪️in Kropyvnytskyi – Serhiy Sugak, 0991877450
▪️in Poltava – Eugene Zemsky, 0938330833, Dmitry Tishchenko 0631433670
▪️in Chernivtsi – Andriy Vataman, 0682323688
▪️in Ivano-Frankivsk – Andriy Vataman, 0682323688
▪️in Ternopil – Roman Makarchuk, 0953977118
▪️in the Kyiv region – Mykhailo Prodanyuk, 0509426698

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