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Delivering of water in barrels

In the Donetsk region, especially in the southern part, access to clean drinking water is very limited.

There are several reasons for this:

1) deterioration of water pipes requiring repairs and were further damaged by conducting military actions;

2) reduction of the functionality of important pumps due to interruptions in the supply of electricity because of attacks;

3) problem access due to the presence of armed groups, mines or unexploded ordinances, poor road conditions, which prevents local inhabitants from getting to the wells or receiving water transported by tank-vehicles;

4) access problems of workers that can not get repair parts necessary for the repair of water pipes;

5) the limitation of the possibility of moving and / or supplying goods or water through a contact line that affects the supply of water from settlements controlled by Ukraine to non-government controlled settlements;

6) frequent shutdown of water supply.

That is why weekly ADRA Ukraine team distributes about 58 thousand liters of water in 20 points of 11 locations of the Donetsk region along the contact line. Due to this, 28,000 people from Avdeevka, Volnovak, Nikolsky and Marysky districts have the opportunity to consume clean drinking water throughout the week.

The project is funded by the charitable foundations of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.