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Journey to the Health Planet

Entertaining and educational activities “Journey to the Health Planet” are hold under the project “Dissemination of information on hygiene among the population affected by the conflict in Donetsk and Luhansk oblast in the east of Ukraine” and aim to provide and repeat knowledge about basic principles of hygiene and healthy lifestyle by children living in conflict areas.

Duration of the project 1.09.2018-30.04.2019

The project is implemented with the assistance of the UNICEF Children’s Fund.

With children in kindergartens, smart Mini Maus, funny Bee Zhou-Zhu and huge Winnie the Pooh made an exciting journey through the Health Planet eight stations: “Water”, “Air”, “Sun”, “Food”, “Physical exercises”, “Rest”, “Abstinence from bad habits”, “Positive thinking”, where the participants were waiting for useful information in games, physical exercises or dances, crossword puzzles, etc. This interactive dramatized program was hosted by the animators of the Theater  “IVENTIKIDS” of Slavyansk. Interactive at each station ended with control questions to check the knowledge and answer with green or red cards. At the end of the game a good mood was added by the song “Just believe in yourself!” and warm farewell to favorite characters.

Present at the event teachers and authorities noted the high level of artistic training, kindly attitude towards children, using of preschool education (fingernail gymnastics, oral account, development of small motility), carefully selected musical and moving inserts. In addition, the format of entertaining and educational games improves the mood of children, that means of psychological support for children living in a conflict area.

For school-age children, events were held in the form of a quest. Children on a spaceship reached the Health Planet and gathered eight elements to create an elixir of health. The quest was led by the captain of the ADRA ship from the UNICEF galaxy, and the children become his assistants.

Generally, 30 events were held for kindergartens and 24 for schools. “Journey to the Health Planet” was visited by almost 5,500 children of settlements of Bakhmut, Kostiantynivka and Yasynuvata districts and cities of Bakhmut, Toretsk, Kostiantynivka, Chasov Yar, Svitlodarsk.