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Rehabilitation of educational facilities

According to the latest calculations, more than 80 active educational facilities located within 5 kilometers of the contact line, and about 95 educational institutions in 5 km from the contact line and more require additional repairs.

With the purpose of raising the level of child safety and preparing schools for the winter, ADRA Ukraine, with the support of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), implements the project  “Rehabilitation of 6 educational facilities affected by the conflict in 0-5 km zone of the contact line of Donetsk region, GCA”

The works planned under the project include:

Bahmut district

  1. Novoluganskaya secondary school, Novolugansk:

wrecking and installation of wooden floors;

plastering joints between ceilings;

preparation of a ceiling for puttying and painting;

socle arrangement;

installation of electrical wiring;

installation of spotlights;

removal of old plaster, plastering, puttying and painting of walls;

installation of interior doors.

  1. Svetlodar Educational Complex “Preschool Educational Institution – Secondary School – Gymnasium”, Svitlodarsk:

installation of windows and racks of windows;

Marinskyi district

  1. Stepnaya school № 1, Stepne:

installation of external doors;

installation of windows and racks of windows;

  1. Mar’inska secondary school №2, Mar’inka:

installation of interior doors

installation of exterior doors

installation of an emergency exit door (fire-proof doors)

Yasinuvatsky district

  1. Pre-school educational institution “Ivushka”, Pervomayske:

arrangement of windows racks

installation of exterior doors

removal of old plaster, plastering, puttying and wallpapering


  1. Toretska secondary school № 10:

roof repair (grate installation, installation of metal roofing sheets with membrane, arrangement ridge and roof ends, installation of mansard windows)

Duration of the project: March 23, 2013 – August 31, 2018.