Drinking water and hygiene means for people in need — humanitarian aid projects supported by UNICEF continue

Thanks to ADRA Ukraine projects that are implemented in cooperation with UNICEF, residents of settlements of Donetsk region located on the demarcation line – in particular, Druzhkivka and Mariinka – receive drinking water and hygiene means. Recently, assistance has also been provided to Izium in Kharkiv region, where about 21,000 liters of drinking water have been delivered. In total, 287,370


Residents of Buryn affected by the natural disaster have received food assistance from ADRA Ukraine

Several settlements in Konotop district of Sumy region were immediately affected by the strong wind, which on September 18 led to the destruction of about 130 houses. Broken trees, overturned cars, destroyed power line supports, one person died and approximately eight people were injured, including a two-month-old baby.

A few days later, thanks to prompt information and actions of ADRA Ukraine


Social transportation of people with disabilities in cooperation with the Ukraine Humanitarian Fund

On September 14th, a separate social trip organized by ADRA Ukraine took place in order to transport people with disabilities to the clinical sanatorium “Roshcha” in Pisochyn settlement, Kharkiv region, for their treatment and rehabilitation. In addition, another group of people was transported from the sanatorium to homes in Lozova. This is how the employees of the charitable organization responded


Food kits for Izium, food and financial assistance in various regions of Ukraine — results of activities of ADRA Ukraine during the week

With the support of ADRA Slovakia, food kits have been distributed in Izium that was isolated for a long time and was in a critical humanitarian situation. Thanks to the prompt interaction of volunteers and employees of ADRA Ukraine, 1,320 food kits have been distributed at the rate of one food kit per family. This assistance has been provided to


We continue the column in which ADRA Ukraine introduces readers to the stories of its employees every week. Today we are talking about one of these.

Yana Bondar is the Coordinator of the food assistance project.

On February 24, Yana was at home with her family in Irpen. She didn’t want to believe the news. But when explosions began in Gostomel, the Bondar family realized that this was a reality. After staying in the cold basement for ten days, Yana decided to leave Irpen with her


Assistance from ADRA Ukraine in cooperation with the UN World Food Program (WFP UN) continues being provided in more than eight regions of Ukraine

Food assistance is one of the large-scale areas of ADRA Ukraine activities. Thanks to this kind of assistance, food assistance for the affected population has been provided within the framework of the project in cooperation with the UN World Food Program for more than five months.

Since April, ADRA Ukraine team has been distributing assistance in the form of food kits


ADRA Ukraine: “Thanks to the support of partners, we continue to help people”

Every day we contact you on social networks, publish news on our official website, accept your calls and inquiries on the hotline. Every day hundreds of employees of our organization make efforts so that people who have suffered as a result of the military conflict have the opportunity to receive help.

Since February 24, the organization has provided assistance in evacuation


Residents of Izium have received food kits from ADRA Ukraine

Food kits have been distributed in Izium with the support of ADRA Slovakia. Thanks to the prompt interaction of volunteers and employees of ADRA Ukraine, 1,320 food kits have been distributed at the rate of one food kit per family. The food kit, with a total weight of 15 kg, consists of basic food products, including canned goods, cereals, pasta,


Psychological support of residents of Zhytomyr, more than 138 000 food certificates, evacuation — results of activities of ADRA Ukraine during the week

Psychologists of ADRA Ukraine have started their activities in Zhytomyr region with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany (German Federal Foreign Office — GFFO). The project on free psychological support is implemented in several directions: individual psychological counseling that began on September 14, and social and psychological support — group trainings and lectures (the start of


ADRA Ukraine informs

As of today, the distribution of certificates for the purchase of food and non-food goods in the territory of Chernihiv and Sumy regions has been successfully COMPLETED. This type of assistance operated within the project with the support of the UN World Food Program, the project itself continues. We are sincerely grateful to the partners who joined the charity and

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