Assistant Project Manager

Posted 4 дні ago

An Assistant Project Manager is a professional who helps plan and coordinate projects, take on administrative duties and independently manage some of the necessary elements to ensure projects are completed on time.

Duties and responsibilities:

On a normal day, the Assistant Project Manager may work alone or with a team. The successful candidate will undertake the following duties and more as instructed by the Project Manager:

• Liaising with project stakeholders concerning project details and deliverables

• Assisting in the planning and implementation of projects

• Helping to coordinate and manage project tasks and deliverables

• Analyzing data as required

• Conducting administrative duties, such as setting up meetings, drafting invoices and drawing estimates

• Tracking and reporting project progress

• Performing other duties assigned by the Project Manager in an orderly and efficient manner

Skills and qualifications

A successful Assistant Project Manager should have some prerequisite skills and qualifications to meet the basic requirements for the job. An Assistant Project Manager applicant should have these skills and qualifications:

• 3+ years’ experience in project management or administrative assistance

• Fluency in written and spoken Ukrainian, Russian and English.

• Proficiency in any management software

• Strong written and oral communication skills

• Excellent multitasking skills

• Ability to work under pressure with minimal supervision

• Excellent problem-solving skills

• Detail-oriented and highly organized

Teamwork skills

• Good problem solving skills.

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