Medical Analyst

Posted 3 тижні ago

We are looking for a highly knowledgeable medical analyst to enhance our knowledge of the needs of our medical partners. The medical analyst will conduct visits to partner medical facilities to assess and discuss their needs and compile this information into well-organized reports.

To ensure success as a medical analyst, one should possess a thorough understanding of the medical system in Ukraine. An outstanding medical analyst will be able to use their medical experience to summarize what is and what is not needed by medical facilities.

Medical Analyst Responsibilities:

  • Travel to hospitals in Kyivska Oblast of Ukraine or elsewhere as needed
  • Visit medical facilities to discern its capacity and needs
  • Speak with medical professionals about requested supplies and equipment
  • Understand what is needed by each hospital
  • Prepare concise written analysis of the needs of each hospitals
  • Report to Project Manager on needs of hospitals
  • Assist in establishing positive relations with beneficiary hospitals
  • Assist with logistics and data entry as needed
  • Complete other tasks as needed

Medical Analyst Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in medical-related field
  • At least 2 years of experience in medical field as a nurse, doctor, x-ray technician, medical administrator, or other medical professional
  • In-depth understanding of medical system in Ukraine
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Word and Excel
  • Exceptional organizational skills and attention to detail
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • English language proficiency (preferred)

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