Shelter Specialist

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The Shelter Specialist provides specialised support for the implementation of shelter projects and is expected to be able to provide support in all aspects of the programme related to shelter management. These include technical and engineering assistance, report and project evaluation production, insurance of financial accountability and have the ability to act as focal point on shelter issues.

Duties and responsibilities:

• Analyse on-ground situations and identify/quantify shelter needs and recommend possible interventions.

• Design or assist in designing shelter layout, drawings and bill of quantities.

• Develop procedures for transition from emergency shelter to longer-term shelter recovery planning, and ensure cost effectiveness in the process.

• Create budgets of estimated construction costs, and develop tender documents.

• Collect data and analyse lessons learned on shelter solutions to determine best practises.

• Ensure issues related to protection (e.g. security concerns of women and children) are addressed in site plans and shelter options.

• Make sure that the affected population is involved in the processes, when reasonable.

• Ensure that safety issues and environmental and sustainability matters are taken into account in the technical design and works on site.

• Improve the sustainability and durability of shelter solutions by developing the capacity of beneficiaries through adequate training and coaching.

• Regular monitoring and supervision of the construction work carried out in the field and ensure highest quality of implementation and that contractors abide by the internationally recognized standards of health and safety for the works, adjacent properties, all site personnel and the general public.

• Follow up and ensure that projects are executed within allocated budgets and in conformance to the set design and specifications.

• Monitor, evaluate and suggest changes and improvements in the project and materials based on observations and discussions with the relevant agency and appropriate stakeholders.

Required qualifications

• Professional technical experience matching the above-mentioned duties and responsibilities.

• A minimum of 3 years international humanitarian field experience.

• Knowledge and understanding of the complexity related to refugee and IDP situations.

• Proficiency English is obligatory

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