Is it necessary to celebrate New Year’s holidays during the war? – ADRA Ukraine psychologist comments

During 10 months, Ukrainians have experienced daily pain of losses, fear of shellings, anxiety for future. However, despite the war, life continues: unusual, abnormal, but even so it should carry good, warm moments.

In anticipation of traditional winter holidays, people wonder if they should celebrate it. You can find the answer to this question in yourself. If


Art therapy as a means of overcoming anxiety: psychologists of ADRA Ukraine conducted a training for pupils of an orphanage-boarding home

On the occasion of World Day of People with Disabilities, psychologists from ADRA Ukraine visited the Novoborivsk Orphanage-Boarding Home for Girls, located in Zhytomyr.

Specialists conducted an art therapy class with schoolgirls, aimed at overcoming anxiety during an air alert. Psychologists also familiarized the girls with key methods of emotional calming and overcoming stress for people with special psycho-emotional development.

The event