ADRA Ukraine partners have provided food assistance to internally displaced persons from Mariupol in three cities

The project on provision of assistance from ADRA Ukraine and ADRA Slovakia with the support of SlovakAid and Japan Platform for people who suffered as a result of hostilities on the territory of Ukraine is ongoing.

In total, the charitable organization has sent 3,960 kits of food and hygiene products to humanitarian and information hubs “Ia – Mariupol” in Kyiv, Dnipro


Communities of Kharkiv that have suffered from the destruction of the energy infrastructure, now have heating equipment from ADRA Ukraine

A few days after the request received from four communities of Kharkiv region, the charitable organization handed over equipment for heating points located in such cities as Balaklia, Vovchansk, Velykyi Burluk and Izium. The following equipment has been delivered: generators of various power, thermal electric guns, thermopots for hot drinks, gas table stoves, LED flashlights with a power bank, network


Ukrainian hospitals have received vacuum apparatuses for the treatment of complex traumatic wounds and burns

In connection with active hostilities on the territory of Ukraine, more and more people with severe wounds or burns are admitted to hospitals.

Within the framework of the project, with the support of ADRA Sweden, the delivery of vacuum therapy apparatuses and consumables for the treatment of such injuries was completed. Thanks to vacuum apparatuses, the rehabilitation process of


The project supported by the UN World Food Program is reaching new heights

During the first month of 2023, within the framework of project on provision of emergency food assistance to the population of Ukraine affected by the war, charitable organization ADRA Ukraine has distributed:

– 1,498,130 loaves of bread;
– 227,040 food kits of general purpose weighing 12.5 kg;
– 10,673 kits of baby food for children aged 6 to 23 months.



ADRA Ukraine psychologists have conducted group therapy in Kyiv for women affected by hostilities

With the support of the Canadian government, psychological training was held for women who belong to the category of internally displaced persons. The event was aimed at emotional relief and psychological support during the war and was held in an informal setting “over a cup of coffee.”

In addition to psychological support, the program of the event included master classes by


ADRA Ukraine resumes free evacuation trips from Kherson with the support of the Canadian government

As part of Lifesaving Evacuation, Assistance and Protection project, the organization provides free transport assistance to residents of Kherson in the form of evacuation trips to safer regions.

Please, note that it is also possible to evacuate people with reduced mobility by ambulance. Evacuation routes are formed in accordance with the applications received.

Transport assistance from ADRA Ukraine is also


ADRA Ukraine has handed over generators for shelters and points of invincibility in Kyiv region

Within the framework of the project, with the support of Ukraine Humanitarian Fund, four generators have been delivered, two of which have been handed over to the Irpin community and two more for the needs of the shelter in Bucha.

Thanks to the assistance received, points of invincibility and shelters are provided with uninterrupted power supply even during planned blackouts.


Peculiarities of crossing the state border by children during martial law — comment by ADRA Ukraine lawyer

With the beginning of a full-scale war, the rules for crossing the state border by children have changed somewhat.

According to the Civil Code of Ukraine, a natural person who has reached the age of 16 has the right to free independent travel outside Ukraine. Children who have not reached this age have the right to travel outside Ukraine


Thanks to “Children helping Children” charity event, small residents of Ukraine have received more than three thousand gifts

For the sixth year in a row, ADRA Ukraine, together with the Seventh-day Adventist Church, is implementing the project “Children helping Children”, the purpose of which is to give a little happiness and attention to children who have suffered from war and need special support. As a result of the campaign 3,182 gifts have been distributed.

We sincerely thank everyone who


ADRA Ukraine held a tender for the purchase of equipment for invincibility points in regions affected by hostilities

The winner of the tender has already been determined. The delivery of generators, heat guns and other goods is expected to help as soon as possible in the organization of points of invincibility in Kharkiv and Dnipropetrovsk regions, as well as for heating modular towns and shelters for internally displaced persons in Kyiv region. The assistance is provided within the


Psychologists of ADRA Ukraine has conducted training for people with hearing impairments

A group program of psychological assistance “Let’s talk about happiness” was held in Kyiv, the main goal of which is to provide emotional support to the participants.

The training was conducted taking into account needs of people with hearing impairments. As part of the event, the participants were able to answer the question: “How is it possible to be happy in


A kindergarten in Zakarpattia will have water – the well was drilled with the support of Atlas Copco

ADRA Ukraine implemented the project that involved drilling a 36 m deep well in Chynadiievo village in Zakarpattia for the needs of a kindergarten. There are 52 children who study in the institution, while previously there was no water supply here. Today, the water that is not just potable but also mineralized has already been connected to the system.

The assistance


ADRA Ukraine has evacuated a man with reduced mobility after a stroke

Within the framework of Lifesaving Evacuation, Assistance and Protection project, the charitable organization continues to provide transport assistance to residents of the frontline areas, in particular, people with reduced mobility and elderly people.

In particular, a man was evacuated from Kurakhove, Donetsk region, to Dnipro, who, due to a stroke, needed to be transported by an


ADRA Ukraine partners have united to help residents of Dnipro affected by another missile attack

The tragedy that happened on January 14 in Dnipro became personal for every Ukrainian that day, thousands of people came to help those who suffered losses. The partners of ADRA Ukraine joined forces to provide the victims with comprehensive support in various directions.

With the support of the Canadian government (Lifesaving Evacuation, Assistance and Protection – LEAP project), the charitable


Provision of free social transportation in Donetsk region continues – a new route has been opened

Charitable organization ADRA Ukraine has opened a new social route for residents of Lymansk community of Donetsk region. The first trip on the new route took place on January 18. Local residents can use minibuses of the organization to reach medical, banking, social and administrative institutions in the conditions of the destroyed infrastructure of the region. First of


ADRA Ukraine has donated generators for the needs of shelters for internally displaced persons

Together with ADRA Slovakia, the charitable organization has provided generators to seven accommodation centers for people who lost their homes as a result of hostilities. Generators have already been delivered to six such centers in Kyiv, Cherkasy, Vinnytsia, Lviv and Zakarpattia regions, and one more will be delivered to the shelter in Dnipropetrovsk region in a few days.



Residents of Kyiv region have received certificates for the restoration of houses damaged as a result of hostilities

Within the framework of ADRA Ukraine project, with the support of the Ukraine Humanitarian Fund, the second stage of distribution of certificates for purchase of building materials for the restoration of damaged houses in the territory of Kyiv region has already passed. The event took place in Bucha, Makariv village, Nova Hreblya village and Kopylyv village of Bucha district.


Psychologists of ADRA Ukraine in Dnipro taught how to get rid of fears and negative emotions

Group training for internally displaced persons on the topic “How to remain an unoccupied soul” took place within the framework of LEAP project with the support of the Canadian government. The main goal of the event was to rid participants of fears, anxiety, negative emotions and destructive thoughts.

Psychologists covered the topics of personal choice and self-care and offered participants practical


Distribution of food kits in Donetsk and Kharkiv regions with the support of the UN World Food Program

ADRA Ukraine has provided humanitarian aid to residents of Pokrovsk, Donetsk region, and to internally displaced persons living in the region. Volunteers have handed over emergency food kits, first aid kits and baby food to people in need. Food kits have been also distributed in Izium, Kharkiv region.

The events in both cities were attended by representatives of ADRA Ukraine, the


Residents of Kherson region have received bottled water with the support of UNICEF

ADRA Ukraine project was completed, within which bottled water was delivered to regions where the water supply system was destroyed as a result of hostilities or where there is an acute need for drinking water for the population. In particular, the charitable organization handed over 17,280 bottles (103,680 liters) of drinking water to Bilozerka, Kherson region. Thanks to this


Thirteen hospitals have received medical equipment from ADRA Ukraine

During the war, the need for vital medical equipment in hospitals has increased significantly.

With the support of Airlink organization, hospitals have received equipment that allows providing better quality and timely assistance, including to the population affected by hostilities.

For more information about the project and the assistance provided, please, watch the video.


Training of volunteers in methods of pre-medical care within the framework of the project with the support of the UN World Food Program in Kherson

The project team, with the support of the UN World Food Program (WFP), was one of the first to start providing humanitarian aid and distributing food kits to people in need in Kherson and the right-bank part of Kherson region immediately after the liberation of these settlements. Currently, the situation in this region is extremely dangerous, almost every day Kherson


Residents of Toretsk, Donetsk region, have used an evacuation trip from ADRA Ukraine

With the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany (German Federal Foreign Office) and ADRA Germany, the evacuation of residents of the frontline areas to safer regions continues. Another evacuation trip took place from Toretsk to Pokrovsk, Donetsk region, that allowed people to get on the evacuation train to Cherkasy region.

In addition, within the framework of the project,


Stories of people that ADRA Ukraine team hears every day

Thousands of people in need, thousands of stories we come across as we support people. And with the permission of these people, we share these stories with readers.

Valerii’s family came to Kyiv immediately after the occupation of Kherson began. He himself stayed in the city for another six months, but then he also dared to leave. Valerii says that in


ADRA Ukraine insulates the places of residence of vulnerable categories of the population

With the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany (German Federal Foreign Office) and ADRA Germany, the organization has provided a water heating boiler to the center for internally displaced persons in Dnipropetrovsk region. This shelter currently houses 80 people, including 10 people with reduced mobility, people with disabilities and 7 children under 18 years old.

In addition, within


ADRA Ukraine continues distribution of wheelchairs to people with disabilities

Since December 5, the charitable organization has started distributing wheelchairs with the financial support of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. To date, 67 wheelchairs have been distributed. The project is implemented in almost every region of Ukraine through ADRA Ukraine volunteers.

At the moment, registration for receiving wheelchairs is stopped, distribution is based on pre-formed lists. Please, follow


We express our deepest condolences to the victims, as well as to those who lost relatives or loved ones as a result of another missile attack on the population of Ukraine

Anyone who needs accommodation, food, and psychological assistance, please, contact ADRA hotline.

Psychological support:
+38 095 276 04 91

Accommodation and meals:
+38 067 333 17 52
+38 093 170 67 39
+38 050 615 57 50

+38 050 572 04 07
+38 067 203 62 48


A person with reduced mobility has been evacuated from Dnipro with the support of the Canadian government

As part of Lifesaving Evacuation, Assistance and Protection project, ADRA Ukraine organization continues to provide assistance in evacuating people with reduced mobility and people with disabilities. In particular, another evacuation of an elderly man from Dnipro to Uman took place.

In general, within the framework of the project, transport assistance in the form of evacuation trips and social transportation has been


Over 16 million loaves of bread have been distributed by ADRA Ukraine with the support of the UN World Food Program

As part of the project “Emergency food support for the population affected by the conflict in Ukraine” with the support of the UN World Food Program, people in need have received 16,108,475 loaves of bread for the entire time of the project. The distributions have covered eight regions: Chernihiv, Sumy, Poltava, Odesa, Zaporizhzhia, Kharkiv, Donetsk and Luhansk. The charitable organization


Change of the actual place of residence of an internally displaced person – comment of ADRA Ukraine lawyer

If a person who has the status of an internally displaced person has changed his actual place of residence, he must be registered at the new place for further benefits and assistance.
An internally displaced person informs the social protection body of the population about moving to another place of residence or about returning to the permanent place of residence.
In order


The work of social routes in Zaporizhzhia continues

Residents of 31 settlements of Shyrokivska and Stepnianska communities of Zaporizhzhia region can use transport assistance provided by ADRA Ukraine with the support of the German Federal Foreign Office and ADRA Germany. Public transportation provides access to important infrastructure (in particular, shops, administrative institutions, etc.) for residents of those regions that have suffered significant destruction due to hostilities.

Thanks to GFFO


Thirteen hospitals have received medical equipment from ADRA Ukraine

Within the framework of the project, with the support of Airlink* organization, provision of the most necessary medical equipment to health care facilities in wartime conditions on the territory of Ukraine has been carried out. Already 13 hospitals have received medical equipment, including: laparoscopic stands, ultrasound therapy devices, surgical monitors for laparoscopy, defibrillators, ventilators, ECG machines, anesthesia machines, etc.