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Evacuation assistance is an extremely important direction of activities of ADRA Ukraine because it gives the opportunity to people who live in hot spots to leave for free to safer regions of the country.

Within the framework of LEAP project, with the support of the Canadian government, the project on provision of transport assistance is implemented in eight regions of Ukraine, including evacuation of civilians from Kherson region and directly from Kherson.

Two passenger buses and a specialized ambulance are used to transport people of retirement age, people with disabilities or seriously ill people in Kherson region.
Despite the difficult circumstances and critical condition of the people, as of today, about 200 people have already been successfully evacuated and taken to the point of further transportation.

If you or your loved ones need evacuation from Kherson, please, call any of the following hotline numbers:
+38 067 203 62 48
+38 050 572 04 07

Published On: 09.12.2022

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