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Every day we contact you on social networks, publish news on our official website, accept your calls and inquiries on the hotline. Every day hundreds of employees of our organization make efforts so that people who have suffered as a result of the military conflict have the opportunity to receive help.

Since February 24, the organization has provided assistance in evacuation to about 44,000 people within the framework of several projects. This assistance includes evacuation from hot spots and provision of social transportation. Food assistance has been provided to almost 200,000 people due to three projects. And as part of the project with the support of the UN World Food Program, about 1,054,958 food kits, more than ten million loaves of bread and 45,637 food certificates have been distributed to date. Thanks to the direction of financial assistance, the organization has made payments in the amount of UAH 179,553,600 and helped about 27,000 people. Our organization continues making payments.

Provision of personal hygiene means, supply of medicines, psychological and informational support – this is not the whole list of assistance that ADRA Ukraine provides to those who need it.

Every day, the scale of humanitarian activities increases, and ADRA Ukraine team, thanks to the great support of partners, continues to help people. Because we believe: “Changing the world, one life at a time!”

For more detailed information, please, contact our hotline:
+38 067 333 1752
+38 093 170 6739
+38 050 615 5750

Or write in Direct on social networks Instagram and Facebook.

Published On: 20.09.2022

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