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The supply of drinking water is extremely important for residents of settlements where the humanitarian situation is critical due to the military conflict. One of the projects implemented in partnership with ADRA Czech Republic with the financial support of “Atlas Copco” is designed to solve this problem. As part of this assistance, drinking water has been delivered to territories where water supply system has been destroyed as a result of shelling for more than several months.

As of today, drinking water has been delivered to several regions at once, including:
📍 Dnipropetrovsk region — 1,195 bottles of drinking water.
📍 Kherson region — a total of 2,259 bottles. The assistance is distributed to such settlements as Trudoliubivka, Novovorontsovka, Novovoskresenske, Myroliubivka, Velyka Oleksandrivka, Havrylivka.
📍 Kharkiv region — a total of 3,456 bottles: Novopokrovka, Malynivka, Chuhuiv, Slobozhanske, Pechenihy.

Illia, a Project Coordinator, adds that these humanitarian cargoes are extremely important for the local population because drinking water and food are basic needs for every person. ADRA Ukraine team also expresses special gratitude to the partners who have continuously provided various kinds of assistance since the first days of the war. We greatly appreciate this cooperation, care and support!

Published On: 08.12.2022

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