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Within the framework of DANIDA project with the support of ADRA Denmark, a group program of psychological support for adults and children took place on June 5 in Kyiv. The event was held in the form of thematic leisure. It was attended by more than 200 people, including IDPs and residents of the capital.

Adults were offered “Country of Health” program that consisted of a quest to learn about eight principles of health. Participants were measured blood pressure, height, weight, they tasted food, and they were provided with anti-stress massage. ADRA Ukraine psychologists prepared mini-trainings with practical exercises and tips: “Anxiety suitcase”, “Happiness hormones”, “How to deal with emotions during anxiety”, “The impact of emotions on health”.

The program for young participants called “Childhood Island” consisted of various workshops, games with animators, aqua makeup, soap bubbles and a lottery with gifts.

Children were invited to group programs for children scheduled for June 7 and 9.

Published On: 07.06.2022

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