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A group program of psychological assistance “Let’s talk about happiness” was held in Kyiv, the main goal of which is to provide emotional support to the participants.

The training was conducted taking into account needs of people with hearing impairments. As part of the event, the participants were able to answer the question: “How is it possible to be happy in this troubled time?”.

ADRA Ukraine psychologists talked about ways to fight anxiety, performing “Anti-Anxiety Suitcase” exercise. The participants of the group program also learned about “hormones of happiness” that arise thanks to the use of elements of music therapy.

In conclusion, each participant could share “the weather of his mood”. Psychologists noted that it was pleasant that at the end of the event, the weather was sunny for all participants!

The training took place within the framework of Lifesaving Evacuation, Assistance and Protection (LEAP) project that also covers such areas of assistance as transport assistance (social transportation and evacuation, including people with reduced mobility), financial assistance, etc.

Published On: 27.01.2023

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