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📍 The implementation of the project “Hope for Ukraine” that has covered more than 14 regions and operates in several directions, is ongoing. Residents of Chortkiv, Ternopil region, whose apartments were destroyed as a result of a rocket attack, have received assistance this week. In particular, victims have received certificates for purchase of building materials for housing reconstruction. As of today, more than 71,000 people have already received assistance under the project: more than 23,000 of them have received food assistance, about 5,000 have been evacuated, and 42,100 people have received temporary and long-term shelters.

📍 The project on provision of emergency food assistance to the affected population of Ukraine has been actively implemented since April 2022. The assistance covers four areas and is provided in 11 regions of Ukraine.
This week, 554,556 loaves of bread and more than 50,000 food kits have been distributed. In total, during the entire project implementation, about 560,000 food kits of various purposes and 6,200,000 loaves of fresh bread have been distributed. About 6,747,000 people have already received assistance.

📍The evacuation direction continues to operate: evacuation from hot spots of Ukraine, social transportation, transportation of civilians from the evacuation point in Zaporizhzhia. With the support of the Polish Foundation, free transportation abroad to Warsaw, Poland, has also begun. Further support is provided – shelter, help with preparation of official documents and employment. Women, children, people of retirement age, and men if they have permission to travel abroad can use this assistance.

Published On: 22.07.2022

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