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Published On: 05.07.2022
Published On: 05.07.2022

Due to joint efforts of ADRA Ukraine and ADRA Slovakia with the support of ADRA France, on June 27, a multidisciplinary hospital in Talne, Cherkasy region, received 33 pallets of medical products and medical supplies.

Oleh Solodko, a Chief physician, noted in his interview with local media that this is the first time the hospital has received such a large amount of aid. Therefore, for now, the hospital will become a kind of sorting hub where this humanitarian cargo is identified and accounted for. The majority is intended for hospital patients. A certain part of the assistance will be transferred to volunteer centers of the city and the department of social protection.
The humanitarian cargo that includes bandages, orthoses, infusion sets, antiseptics, disposable tires, surgical masks, gloves, respirators, medical equipment, diapers for adults and daily hygiene, will be used for the needs of internally displaced persons from hot spots and residents of the Talnivska community.
The hospital staff have expressed their sincere gratitude to the charitable organization ADRA and volunteers.

Some mass media have already reported on the event, in particular, “Visti Cherkashchyny”.

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