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Every day and every minute – every volunteer and every employee of ADRA Ukraine.

Since the first days of the military conflict, we have been making maximum efforts and providing assistance to all victims and people in need in these difficult times. We deeply sympathize with everyone affected by the terrible events and news. Despite everything, we continue to work. Today, we provide assistance in the following areas: evacuation and transport assistance, distribution of food kits and medicines, provision of personal hygiene means, financial, psychological and informational support.

Since the beginning of hostilities, about 2 million people have already received assistance from ADRA Ukraine, and by the time you are reading this text, this number has already increased.
Just imagine: every day hundreds of Ukrainian families lose loved ones, every minute 55 Ukrainian children become refugees. Every day we see hundreds of wounded souls, crippled destinies and broken lives.
Sometimes we don’t have enough time in the day, free hands and operators to answer everyone who addresses us. But we do our best to help everyone who needs it.

We believe and know: changing the world, one life at a time!

You can contact ADRA Ukraine hotline to ask for help:
+38 (067) 333 17 52
+38 (093) 170 67 39
+38 (050) 615 57 50

Or you can go to our official website via a direct link to one of the chatbots in Viber or Telegram and write about your problem.

Published On: 07.07.2022

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