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The conference, which took place on June 17 in Kyiv, was devoted to cooperation between the Ukrainian Government authorities and the largest representatives of humanitarian aid organizations providing a financial assistance for the most vulnerable segments of the Ukrainian population. The organizer is the “Temporary Special Commission of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on the Protection of Property and Non-Property Rights of Internally Displaced Persons and Other Persons Affected by the Armed Aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine” and USAID (U.S. Agency for International Development). Among the participants of the event were people’s deputies, representatives of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, country authorities, international partners and public organizations. In total, the event visited more than 80 organizations and 400 people. ADRA Ukraine was represented at the conference by Marina Rozhko, manager of the “LEAP” project, supporting by the Government of Canada and ADRA Canada. She participated in the discussion of challenges, risks and ways to solve problems related to financial assistance.

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, international humanitarian organizations working in Ukraine have provided financial assistance to citizens affected by the war in the amount of: in 2022 – $1.2 billion, covering 5.6 million beneficiaries, in 2023 – $680 million (4.02 million beneficiaries), in 2024 – $151.98 million (534,591 beneficiaries)

For the period from February 2022 to mid-June 2024, ADRA Ukraine, within 17 different projects, have provided financial assistance to the vulnerable population in the amount of 613.9 million hryvnias ($17.4 million), for 86,120 beneficiaries. Among all humanitarian organizations operating in Ukraine, ADRA Ukraine ranks 15th in terms of financial assistance.

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