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Thousands of people in need, thousands of stories we meet as we support them. And with people’s permission, we share these stories with readers.

The Brezina family and Khmylenko Vasyl from Antonivka (Kherson region)

Tetiana Brezina’s uncle, Vasyl Khmylenko, suffered a stroke. Now he cannot move and is lying down almost all the time. Tetiana’s aunt was disabled, and Tetiana’s mother suffered from headaches and memory loss after experiencing an active phase of hostilities in Kherson. Her health condition has worsened and now she needs to take pills constantly.

The whole family decided to evacuate from Kherson region to Mykolaiv after many months of occupation. There is no light, heat, or water for a long time in Antonivka, her native city. The city is shelled every day. And, of course, it was difficult to find the medicine necessary to support vital activities of relatives in such conditions. Realizing that this cannot continue for a long time, Tetiana decided to take her mother, aunt and uncle to a safer place.

She accidentally knew about the charitable organization ADRA Ukraine that provides assistance in evacuating people with limited mobility from the frontline areas of Ukraine. Tetiana contacted Anastasia, a curator of the project, and just two days later, Tetiana’s family was taken by an ambulance.

“We were very worried about how the evacuation process would go. My uncle is recumbent, it is very difficult to carry him. We were helped by the employees of the organization who were in the ambulance. They supported my uncle all the way so that he was not worried and afraid,” says Tetiana.
Along with the driver and attendant, there was also a paramedic in the ambulance, ready to provide medical assistance to the sick at any moment.

Currently, the family lives in a rented apartment in Mykolaiv but not in such comfortable conditions as before. And this family thanks every employee of the organization and its partners for the opportunity to be in a safer place where there is warmth and all the necessary infrastructure.

“We are glad to have the opportunity to spend the winter here. Thank you for not leaving us alone with our misfortune!”

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