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Providing assistance to the victims, every day we witness stories that strike to the core of the soul. Today we will talk about some of them.

Oleksandr and Khrystyna from Vukhledar, Donetsk region

“For two and a half months we were hiding underground from constant bombardment. We believed that everything would end, so we did not want to leave the house. But later we decided to save Sashka, our little son. It is impossible to get to a safe place with our own car. We were lucky with volunteers who have already evacuated people many times and know where to go. We reached Zaporizhzhia through fields and farmlands. Now there is only one wish is to rest…”
And little Sashka has only one wish — that the war will end and everything will be repaired as soon as possible.

Viktoria from Irpen

“I stayed with my family in Irpen from the first days of the war. During the first days of the occupation, we were in neighbor’s cellar. I still remember with fear how they started shelling the house where we were hiding. At first there were spine-chilling sounds, the light went out… then we smelled smoke and realized we were on fire. When we got out into the fresh air, we saw only ashes in place of the house. We evacuated to another part of Irpen because we didn’t want to go far. And a few days later, our own house was destroyed by an aerial bomb. Now we are homeless, without work, but with faith that everything will be fine. For the first time, I heard about food assistance within the framework of WFP and ADRA Ukraine project from my neighbors. Taking into account prices of the products and their lack on the shelves, this assistance has become extremely important for us.”

A large family from Donetsk
Iryna Pohonska

“We are from Donetsk. We ran away from our native home in 2014 when active hostilities began there and our house was completely destroyed. Now I live with three children and an old mother in Komyshanka village, Sumy region, it is very difficult and long to get here. There are no pharmacies, shops or transport nearby, so for us, food assistance received from ADRA Ukraine is really rescue…”.

Published On: 07.07.2022

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