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Tatiana, an original resident of Bakhmut, lived in the city with her elderly mother. On May 19, they decided to evacuate from their city, although this decision was not easy. That week, the number of shellings began to rise daily. Most of her friends and acquaintances left. Women understood that it was necessary to do something.

“It was very difficult to leave our home, where we had lived for so many years, – says Tatiana. – But during three days shells had been firing at Bakhmut, the windows in my house were shaking, so it was too dangerous to stay. By the way, calls from our city authorities were heard about this from all sources – they asked to evacuate. An acquaintance said that you could leave the city with the help of ADRA Ukraine that provides free evacuation. I’m planning to leave Dnipro and go to my children in Zaporizhzhia. I would like to sincerely thank the staff of the organization for the opportunity to get to a safer place. You are doing a great job.”

As part of the cooperation with the Ukraine Humanitarian Fund, ADRA Ukraine has evaluated more than 1,500 civilians, many of whom are people with disabilities, people with limited mobility, large families and other vulnerable groups. The project is implemented in close cooperation with local authorities, non-governmental organizations and local activists.

Published On: 23.05.2022

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