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Olha Chabakh tells:

— I want to thank psychological support group and its leader — Raisa Stepanivna Kuzmenko from the bottom of my heart! The war has destroyed our life completely. Our only son died heroically, protecting people, saving children from death. The depth of this pain cannot be described and conveyed in words… Our house was completely destroyed and burnt down by the projectile. We were in a very difficult state psychologically, emotionally and physically.

Having joined the group “Psychological support of ADRA”, I began to do practical classes. They all brought their results in turn. The situation with the husband was more complicated, the depth of father’s pain absorbed him. He did not understand words or respond to help. During one of consultations with Raisa Stepanivna, I painfully and anxiously shared my worries about my husband. The advice was simple – to show love without words, only with actions. On that day, my husband was on duty in the night shift as a volunteer. For myself, I decided to come to him unexpectedly, early in the morning, with a flowering branch of acacia. He was very surprised, and a smile appeared on his face. The first smile since the beginning of the war. During all this time, due to difficult experiences, he lost his taste and did not feel any aroma. I gave him a branch of acacia, and he replied: “It smells so good!”, can you imagine?

I started coming to him during the week at different times and every time I saw a smile of joy at the meeting, and each gifted flower had its own aroma. And he was already waiting for me to come. Due to difficult circumstances, we currently have no home, we cannot plan for the future, but we have something important – Today and Now. Supporting each other, we keep a bright memory of our son and believe in the best. Maybe our little experience will be useful for someone. Take care of each other.

Special gratitude to the charitable organization ADRA Ukraine for supporting people in these difficult times!

Published On: 20.07.2022

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