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Published On: 11.08.2022
Published On: 11.08.2022

Today, everyone has his own war story. Each of these stories is special and cannot leave anyone indifferent.
We share one of many stories that ADRA Ukraine team faces every day.

Svitlana Shchepakina from Severodonetsk was able to leave for a safe place with the help of the project of ADRA Ukraine on evacuation of the civilian population and she said:

— In February of this year, I felt the war for the second time — the first time the war forced me to move from Luhansk to Severodonetsk in 2014. I had lived there, in the gray zone, for eight years. It was like being on a powder keg, like being on a volcano. I was afraid for something to happen. And so it happened.

The war affected the whole city of Severodonetsk. This city was not my home, but it became so for me because it accepted me. My second child was born in it. And I am very sorry for this city! When the war began there, it didn’t give up for a very long time. I cried and sobbed every day, I was so sorry for this city. It is small. Comfortable. Just before that, it was being rebuilt. After all, when I came to Severodonetsk in 2016, this city was a gray area. But then it started to blossom. Paved alleys appeared, the park was cleared, and garden squares were arranged. The city really blossomed. And then these military actions began…

I had such a wound in my soul, I can’t even find words! Everything is destroyed now…

I accidentally found out about the project on evacuation from Facebook. It was at this time when I was determined to leave, but I did not know how to do it. When I called the phone numbers indicated in the advertisement, it turned out that I had them stored in my phone since 2014. I did not expect this. I immediately called, made an appointment, and we were invited very quickly to be evacuated. I am very grateful to organization ADRA Ukraine for the opportunity to leave.

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