Published On: 05.01.2023
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Thousands of people in need, thousands of stories we come across as we support people. But with the permission of these people, we share these stories with readers.

Liudmyla Pozniakova and her family got to Dnipro as a result of military operations – their hometown was completely destroyed. The Pozniakova family was under bombardment for a long time in occupied Severodonetsk. And then there was a direct hit in their apartment, after which they decided to leave the city to save their lives. Moreover, Liudmyla’s daughter-in-law was in the last month of pregnancy, it is impossible to give birth under such circumstances. Dnipro was the nearest safe city, and the family did not regret such a decision.

“We knew about ADRA Ukraine organization from social networks. I filled out the application and just hoped that they would help us, says Liudmyla. – We already have a new family – my son has a daughter. There was a need to buy basic things for a newborn baby. And it was very difficult with money.”

Soon they received financial assistance that was used to rent housing and buy basic necessities for themselves and the child.

Liudmyla expresses her great gratitude to the organization for the timely support.

Liudmyla’s family has received assistance within the framework of Lifesaving Evacuation, Assistance and Protection (LEAP) project with the support of the Canadian government. In addition to financial assistance, this project also includes such areas of assistance as social transportation, evacuation (including people with reduced mobility), psychological support, etc.