Published On: 22.12.2022
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Thousands of people in need, thousands of stories we come across as we support people. But with people’s permission, we share these stories with readers.

Mrs.Yevgeniia from Sloviansk, Donetsk region, has been retired for a long time. She could never have thought that she would have to face old age under conditions of constant shelling. The woman has health problems and cannot walk very well, and she is forced to live without electricity and water.

With tears in her eyes, Mrs.Yevgeniia thanks everyone who supports her in such a difficult time: “Dear volunteers, thank you for not forgetting us and helping us since March.”

The Smyrensky family lived in Bakhmut, Donetsk region, until it became clear that the situation would only worsen.
The family decided to move to their relatives, but it turned out to be no better there. Soon, as a result of the shelling, not only the yard was partially destroyed, but also one of the family members was injured. “Then we realized that this cannot continue,” they recall.

At the volunteer center, they learned about emergency food assistance from ADRA Ukraine. The family is very grateful to everyone involved in providing this support that has been a lifesaver for them during this most difficult time.