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The joint project is called HopeForUkraine. Due to this project, assistance has been provided to hospitals and accommodation centers in such hard-to-reach cities as Kharkiv, Chernihiv and Novomoskovsk.

Medical facilities have received consignments of syringes, tourniquets, plaster bandages, painkillers, scarce drugs for insulin-dependent and pregnant women, first aid kits and emergency surgery. These medicines have saved many lives for which hospital staff has repeatedly expressed their sincere gratitude through volunteers.

Accommodation centers of these cities have prepared comfortable sleeping places, distributed warm clothes, food and personal hygiene means for IDPs who often run away from their homes without any basic necessities.

HopeForUkraine is a project that combines efforts of “Nadiia” TV and ADRA Ukraine (Adventist Development and Relief Agency in Ukraine) to provide rapid and effective assistance to Ukrainians affected by the war. For more than a month, the project team has been buying, forming, delivering and distributing necessary means of living and has been saving thousands of people in hot spots of Ukraine.

Published On: 12.04.2022

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