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The launch of the Lopaskino-Novoyaidar route, taking into account its proximity to uncontrolled territory and remoteness from any administrative center, was one of the most difficult in terms of organization and implementation in general.

In Lopaskino today lives 53 people, including five children. There is no public transport since 2015, the paramedic is once a week, and the number of humanitarian organizations that come here can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

On the first flight our bus took 14 local residents to Novoyaidar and 4:00 back home. Representatives of the administration of Novoaydarskaya district state administration were waiting in the district center of Lopaschan to help them solve social, administrative and other issues.

The access of the social bus to this really hard-to-reach locality was carried out with the help of the leadership of Novoyaidar District State Administration, the Trikhizbensk Military Civil Administration  and staff of military-civil cooperation. The deputy chairman of the Novoaydar district state administration, Tatyana Novikova, actively contributed to the resolution of problematic issues of residents of hard-to-reach populated areas.

At the request of  Lopaskino residents bus will run to Novoyaidar once a month – after the pension is calculated. Departure at 7.00, at 12.00 transport will be sent in the opposite direction.

Recall that free transportation is possible within the framework of the project “Restoring housing and rendering the necessary assistance to people affected by the conflict in the east of Ukraine,” which ADRA Ukraine and ADRA Deutschland implements with the financial support of the German Foreign Ministry.

Published On: 13.06.2018

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