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Residents of settlements in the Kherson region, which suffered infrastructure destruction as a result of hostilities, use transport assistance from ADRA Ukraine’s the PEACE project with the support of Aktion Deutschland Hilft and ADRA Deutschland. The bus for transportation was purchased with the support of ADRA Korea. In this way, residents of the region get access to administrative, medical or food institutions in neighboring settlements. From January 29 to May 15, 1,650 people used the project’s transportations in the Kherson region.

This assistance is provided at the request of the Novovorontsov military administration of the Kherson region. Currently, transportations take place three times a week and cover 11 settlements. By the end of April, ADRA Ukraine covered 17 settlements and there were 4 transportation per week, but due to the security situation, the charitable organization stopped working on one of the routes.

One of the beneficiaries who uses transportations is Kateryna, who temporarily lives in city of Kryvyi Rih and is should to go to work in Novovorontsovky village every day. She says: “My home is there, but due to constant shelling it is dangerous to live at home with young children. Therefore, I have to live in Kryvyi Rih, and thanks to ADRA Ukraine, I go to Novovorontsovka for work, because work is very important now.”

Also, transportations provided by the PEACE project take place in two other regions. In the Dnipropetrovsk region, 3,075 people used them during the specified period, and in Zaporizhia – 1,461 people.

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