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Colleagues from Germany recently visited the ADRA Ukraine office in Kramatorsk. Together with them you went to the villages located near the line of contact.

In Luhansk and Novoluhansk, we visited families whom ADRA Ukraine helped to renovate houses. All of them suffered due to the armed conflict in eastern Ukraine.

For example, the house where 25-year-old Vera * lives with her husband and two daughters was destroyed by a direct hit. It turned out to be impossible for the family to restore the house on their own. At that time, Vera * was pregnant with her second child, she had no job, only her husband worked, but these funds were not enough. In 2018, Vira * was included in a housing renovation project, and in two months the house was completely renovated: walls, windows, doors, etc. appeared.

Then we visited the registration for financial assistance in the village Myronivsky. Which was attended by about 300 people who need our support. Among them are elderly people living without caregivers, people with disabilities and severe chronic diseases.

Visit was done within project “Repair and relief services for people affected by the crisis in Eastern Ukraine”.

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