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ADRA Ukraine together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany continues to implement the project «Repair and relief services for people affected by the crisis in Eastern Ukraine».

Within the project ADRA Ukraine cooperates with the Popasna District Center for Comprehensive Rehabilitation “Leleka”. Every Sunday, social transport (unpaid buses) takes children with disabilities to athletics and swimming classes.

The principal of the center Natalia Mykolayivna told us about the victories of her students: “Every child with a disability needs development, attention, training and care, like all other children. Sometimes it is necessary to create special conditions for such children and give them more time to open up and believe in themselves. Then they have a desire to move forward, despite obstacles.

Unpaid buses from ADRA Ukraine gives an opportunity to our boys and girls to develop in sociocultural and sports directions. During our cooperation our children took part in various contests, festivals, competitions, and we have prizes. Recently, our children received their first medals in swimming. This is hard work of children; this is the faith of the coach. But without support, we would not be able to rejoice in these successes!”.

Published On: 23.05.2019

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