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Published On: 13.08.2019
Published On: 13.08.2019

The implementation of the project to help flood victims in Prykarpattia is coming to an end.

ADRA Ukraine provided financial assistance to the most vulnerable households in the settlements: Juraky, Babche, Markova, Starunia, Monastirchani and Solotvin.

More than 40 families received 6,750 UAH.

The selection criteria for the project were:

  1. Houses damaged by flood;
  2. Single mothers;
  3. Families with pregnant women or young children (up to 2 years);
  4. Elderly people without caregivers;
  5. Low-income families;
  6. Families with the seriously ill /disabled members;
  7. Multi-families;
  8. IDPs.

The project was implemented by ADRA Ukraine with the financial support of ADRA International and ADRA of the Euro-Asian Division.


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