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For most people it can be difficult to survive stress after emergencies. They can be desperate, hysterical, have panic attacks, lock up or be in a state of numbness, – later there is the phenomenon of flashbacks (experiencing the stress moments of the past once and again). In such cases, there is a need for crisis intervention. Psychologists and psychotherapists can coop with it better.

Nevertheless, how to act, if you was a witness of catastrophe, a crisis and you need to comfort the victims? Slovak experts Lutsia Klimachkova and Vlad Frigo give the following tips:

  1. At first, you need to find the connection with a person. Name yourself, tell that you are here for help. Give a glass of water, offer a blanket or jacket.
  2. If the situation allows, it is better to take the victim from the emergency scene, so you will neutralize the strong stress factors.
  3. The safety must be ensured. Assure your companion that he does not threaten anymore, you protect his peace and nothing bad will happen.
  4. Under the influence of adrenaline, which is produced in stressful situations, a person may not feel his own injuries. Therefore, it is necessary to check whether there are physical injuries.
  5. We reduce the level of emotions. Let the man weep oneself out. Explain that its reaction is normal and everything will be okay.
  6. Use breathing techniques. Offer to breathe peacefully together. For example, 5 seconds breath in for 6 seconds breath out. Breathing stabilizes the heartbeat and nervous system.
  7. Let person feel the space. Offer to put hands on a chair, or take a pillow into hands. Tactility returns a sense of reality.
  8. Find out what people really need. Offer your help.
  9. Ask open questions, let people speak. Across discussing, you better understand the needs.
  10. Be empathetic and take care of the victim. Create a cozy atmosphere of comfort and be attentive to the person.
  11. Express as simple as possible. Use short sentences and simple words, repeat.
  12. Stay calm. A person needs to see a confident and stable person in front of him. Pass him your peace.

Recall that the “Crisis Intervention” training, which took place on May 29-31 in Kyiv, was the 7th and latest training under the project “Civil society’s management fundraising and communication in Ukraine”. It was implemented by 5 partner organizations ADRA Slovensko, ADRA Czech Republic, Polish Medical Mission, Hungarian Baptist Aid and ADRA Ukraine with financial support from the Visegrad Fund and the Netherlands Government.

Author: Elizaveta Kuznetsova

Photos from training:

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