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22 people were the first passengers in the social bus in the Lugansk region: vil. Lobachevo – city Shchastya.

Departing time from the starting point of the route – from vil. Lobachevo – at 07:00. Departing time from the final point of the route – from city Shchastya – at 12:00.

According to local residents, it is the first bus “from the time of Soviet Union”. Until the notorious events in the Donbass, the connection between the village Lobachevo and the outside world was carried out through a bridge and crossings through the river Siverskyi Donets. To Luhansk from here is 15 km, so the journey did not take much time. With the commencement of hostilities, the bridge was destroyed, crossings were cut off, and the inhabitants were not only on the contact line, but also completely cut off from shops, markets, pharmacies, hospitals.

Now the locals will be able to go to Shchastya completely free of charge every Thursday to solve their questions “on the big land”.

Free transportation is possible under the project “Repair and relief services for people affected by the crisis in Eastern Ukraine”, with the financial support of the Grman Foreign Office.

Published On: 08.06.2018

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