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More than 40 families received assistance in the amount of 6,750 UAH.

Among them is the family of Olena * from the village of Monastyrchany. Together with her husband Peter *, they are raising a three-year-old daughter, Sofia *. The family’s income is not high: Olena * works as a teacher’s assistant in an inclusive group, and her husband earns seasonal work.

“There are a lot of problems in our region, but the biggest ones are floods, because of which we have to leave home and then work hard to recover what we lost. This is what happened to our house, which in May 2019 suffered from bad weather. We spent the money we received to eliminate the consequences of the flood: we repaired the floor and walls. We truly thank ADRA for the support and assistance for our family” says Olena*.

Assistance was provided to the 43 most vulnerable households in the most affected settlements: Juraky, Babche, Markova, Starunia, Monastirchani and Solotvin. The project was implemented by ADRA Ukraine with the financial support of ADRA International and ADRA of the Euro-Asian Division.

Published On: 10.09.2019

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