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Two more social bus routes are open. The inhabitants of isolated settlements got the opportunity to solve their affairs in Volnovakha- residents of Pilne and the Stantsiia Pivdennodonbaska.

The first passengers in the city were met with representatives of the Volnovakha district state administration – Head of the RSA Olga Sidorenko and Head of Labor and Social Security Olga Bliznyuk. Officials answered the most topical questions and promised support in solving their problems.

– Departure from Pilne Tuesday – at 7:30.
– Departure from Volnovakha – at 12:00

– Departing from Stantsiia Pivdennodonbaska Thursday- at 7:20.
– Departure from Volnovakha – at 12:00

You can book a trip in advance in operator at your place of residence.

The assistance is provided under the project “Repair and relief services for people attached by the crisis in Eastern  Ukraine” implemented by ADRA Ukraine and ADRA Germany with the financial support of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Auswärtiges Amt).

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