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Published On: 21.05.2019
Published On: 21.05.2019

ADRA Ukraine together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany continues to implement the project “Repair and relief services for people affected by the crisis in Eastern Ukraine.”

馃殟 Social (unpaid) buses operates within the project. For people living in “isolated” settlements along the contact line, this is the only opportunity to receive social, medical and other vital services.

鉁匰ince May last year, 2,200 people from remote settlements have benefited from social transportation.

Please see the schedule below:

鉃uhansk Oblast:

1. Size – Bolotene – Stanytsia Luhanska (twice per month, per request).
2. Lobacheve – Happiness (1 time per week, on Thursday).
3. Lopaskine – Novoydar (twice per month, per request).
4. Zolote 3 – Popasna (once per week, at the request of the Popasna District Center for Social Rehabilitation of Disabled Children “Leleka”).

鉃onetsk Oblast:

1. Sands 2 – Bakhmut (twice per month, per request).
2. Taramchuk – Paraskoviyivka – Marinka – Kurakhove (twice per month, per request).
3. Glorious – Marinka – Kurakhove (twice per month, per request).
4. Lebedynske – Mariupol (once per week, on Fridays.
5. Berdyansk – Mariupol (once per week, on Wednesday).
6. Chernenko – Mariupol (twice per month, per request).

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