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This village, located 1 km from the line of demarcation, is not on any map. Its inhabitants say that the name “Sands-2” was invented by themselves.

Despite constant “arrivals” of ammunition, 59 people still live here, mostly elderly people. Now all of them can go to the regional center., G. Bakhmut, on our free bus. While the transportation will run once a month – after receiving a pension. According to the residents of the “non-existent” Peskov-2, they are not required to get to the “civilization” more often.

On the first day the social bus carried 14 passengers. By prior arrangement, departure from Peskov-2 at 7:00 and back from Bakhmut – at 12.00.

The leadership of Bakhmutsky district state administration once again showed its willingness to provide assistance to residents of hard-to-reach settlements during their stay in the district center.

Recall that free transportation is possible within the framework of the project “Restoring housing and rendering the necessary assistance to people affected by the conflict in the east of Ukraine,” which ADRA Ukraine and ADRA Deutschland implements with the financial support of the German Foreign Ministry.

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