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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]6 000 litres (1000 items of 6-litre-bottles) of drinking-water were delivered by the employees of ADRA Ukraine as an urgent assistance to the habitants of Vugledar. Locals suffer because of Pivdennodonbaska pumping station №1 stopped working, in a consequence, people remained without the centralized water-supply.Distribution of water took place in such locations:

  • – Preschool educational institution of the combined type № 1 “Dzherelce” – 82 items of 6-litre-bottles;
  • – Preschool educational institution of the combined type №2 “Zolotaja rybka” – 92 items of 6-litre-bottles;
  • – Vugledarsk educational complex “Polytechnic lyceum – general school of І-ІІ of degrees” – 162 items of 6-litre-bottles;
  • – Vugledarsk general school of І-ІІІ of degrees № 2 – 312 items of 6-litre-bottles;
  • – Vugledarsk educational complex “MRIJA”  – 268 items of 6-litre-bottles;

Water delivery provided within the framework of the project “Restoring housing and rendering the necessary assistance to people affected by the conflict in the east of Ukraine,” which ADRA Ukraine and ADRA Deutschland implements with the financial support of the German Foreign Ministry.

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