Categories: NewsPublished On: 28.04.2023

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We share the pain of those who suffered as a result of a rocket attack in Uman, Cherkasy region, on April 28. We express our sincere condolences to people who suffered tragic losses that night.

ADRA Ukraine once again joins the efforts of partners and provides comprehensive assistance to victims and their families.

If you need transport assistance, please, contact the numbers below. If necessary, immediate evacuation to shelters equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay is possible.
+38 050 572 04 07
+38 067 203 62 48

To get psychological support, please, call the following numbers:
+38 095 276 04 91
+38 050 010 59 78
+38 050 010 46 69

You can get a free legal consultation at the following number:
+38 050 434 84 62

Comprehensive assistance is possible thanks to the support of partners of ADRA Ukraine: partners of ADRA Network (ADRA Germany, ADRA China, ADRA Czech Republic, ADRA France, ADRA Italy, ADRA Norway, ADRA Portugal, ADRA Australia), as well as ADRA International; thanks to the Lifesaving Evacuation, Assistance and Protection project with the support of the Government of Canada and the project with the support of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs and ADRA Germany.

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