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Fighting continues in Severodonetsk, near Luhansk, and people are forced to live in bomb shelters and basements. Last week, drivers of Adventist Development and Relief Agency in Ukraine (ADRA Ukraine) made three evacuation transits from this city. They took out about 120 residents, including about 10 children. Most of the evacuees were elderly people and people with disabilities.

Among those who remained in the city – many bedridden patients who were unable to move independently. Given these circumstances, the volunteers carried out an additional targeted evacuation. Some townspeople went with their animals that they could not leave without care.

Despite the difficult situation in the city, regular shelling and explosions, the evacuation was successful – no one was injured, people were taken to Novomoskovsk, some were taken to the railway station in Dnipro from where they have already left for a safer place.

Published On: 08.04.2022

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