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Psychological support is one of ADRA Ukraine’s areas of assistance that is provided on an ongoing basis within several projects.

As of today, LEAP project is actively operating with the support of the Canadian government. The main areas of assistance are provision of psychological support and evacuation from front-line areas to a safer territory of Ukraine. The activity covers Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Luhansk, Donetsk and Kyiv regions.

Psychological assistance is provided to certain categories of vulnerable groups of the population, including:
– persons with disabilities;
– pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers;
– victims of domestic violence and/or those who are at risk;
– single parents/mothers;
– orphans;
– those who lost loved ones, sources of income, home;
– divorced due to certain family circumstances;
– persons with severe chronic diseases.

The list of categories also includes internally displaced persons from the above-mentioned regions who are now in other regions of Ukraine.

If you want to receive a psychological consultation, please, send your request to the Telegram channel at the link:

Or call the psychological support number of ADRA Ukraine:
+38 050 010 4669
+38 050 010 5978

Professional psychologists of the charitable organization are ready to help and support everyone who needs it!

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