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Over 50 people were killed in the missile strike against Hroza village, Kharkiv Region, on October 5th. On that tragic day, almost every family living in the small village lost their loved one. This attack has become one of the worst strike in terms of the civilian casualty count since the start of the full-scale invasion.

Among the casualties, there are community activists, who were helping ADRA Ukraine team with distribution of food kits as part of the UN World Food Programme’s project without any reward. In particular, these are Liudmyla (on the photo) and her mother, who lived in the village and were local community activists. They volunteered to prepared the lists of people having a need for the food assistance, helped during the food kit distribution process and closely communicated with the charitable organization to coordinate the activity. They will be always remembered as friendly and positive people with pro-active attitude, who never hesitated to voluntarily offer their help and support.

ADRA Ukraine’s team shares the pain of this tragedy and express the sincere condescendence to family members and friends of Liudmyla and her mother, as well as everyone killed in Hroza village on that fatal day.

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