Categories: NewsPublished On: 04.10.2023

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Residents of Fedorivka village in Odesa Region have long suffered from a lack of proper water supply, as their water supply network was out of order and their wells could not solve the problem. Contractors hired by the Ukraine as part of a project supported by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have repaired the village’s water supply system. As of today, 9 households from vulnerable population have already been connected to the water supply system free of charge, while almost all of the rest of households have connected paying the fee at their own expense.

During this project, the contractors drilled a 180-meter-deep well, fit it with new equipment, and connected it to the electricity grid. They erected a new foundation for the water tower and installed the tower itself. The entire water supply system was replaced, and the pipelines were tested and commissioned. The recent test results show that the water in the system meets the applicable quality requirements.

The people of Fedorivka are very satisfied with the village’s new functioning water supply system.

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