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On December 29, a training was held in Irpin, Kyiv region, for women who raise children with disabilities, namely, those with psychophysical disorders. 10 people attended the art therapy session “My Dream”.

Also on this day, on the eve of the New Year holiday, psychologists visited children’s camp “Rola-Kolo” in Dnipro, where children of different age groups from different parts of our country gathered. They held a master class on appliqué as an art therapy activity that helps stabilize children’s psycho-emotional state. 20 children participated in the creation of appliqué.

The trainings took place within the framework of LEAP project, which, in addition to psychological support, covers such areas as provision of transportation assistance, in particular, social transportation and evacuation (including people with reduced mobility), as well as other types of support for people in need.

Published On: 03.01.2023

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