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In Mykolaiv, the Mercy Movement Foundation reconstructed a football field located on the territory of the specialized school No. 3 for children with mental disabilities. The Mercy Movement Foundation received funds for the reconstruction as part of ADRA Ukraine’s Community Initiatives Support Program funded by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (DANIDA). The field was opened on April 17.

Mykolaiv Specialized School No. 3 has about 200 students. This educational institution has not stopped its work during the war and continues to operate. The Mercy Movement Foundation leveled the landscape of the football field and covered it with a special coating through the efforts its own volunteers. The funds received through the Support for Community Initiatives program were spent only on materials.

The Department of Education and Science of the Mykolaiv Regional Administration awarded ADRA Ukraine and the Mercy Movement Foundation with letters of gratitude. The volunteers who carried out the reconstruction woks also received awards from their foundation.

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