Categories: NewsPublished On: 31.07.2023

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As part of the LEAP project supported by Canadian Government, ADRA Ukraine’s psychologists facilitated a training for IDPs at our Kyiv office. The purpose of the event was to promote recovery and resourcing, emotional regulation and better understanding of own needs. Five people – four women and one man – participated in the training.

During the event, the participants got to know each other, learned a resourcing technique based on the metaphorical card usage and practiced an art-therapy directive to explore physical, emotional, psychological and social domains of their lives. During the meeting, a warm atmosphere of trust was created, while cookies and tea made the whole activity even more fun.

Every participant expressed gratitude for nice communication, interesting and useful techniques, as well as a chance to learn new knowledge and skills. Beneficiaries are grateful to the project donors for free-of-charge psychosocial support.

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