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ADRA Ukraine continues to provide assistance to Ukrainians whose homes were destroyed as a result of hostilities. With the support of the Ukraine Humanitarian Fund, two stages of certificates for purchase of building materials have already taken place. The purpose of this project is to support residents of Kyiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk and Kharkiv regions during the winter period of 2022-2023.

Next, we will talk about the key stages of the inspection of damaged buildings made by ADRA Ukraine Field Officers.

1. The organization receives from local authorities lists of victims whose houses were destroyed as a result of shelling.

2. According to the received lists, an inspection plan of damaged property is formed.

3. A direct on-site inspection of the damaged property takes place (necessary measurements and photography are carried out).

4. The necessary amount of work and materials is determined according to the recommendations of “Standard Operating Procedures” (SOP) provided by Technical Working Group of Shelter Cluster.

5. The organization prepares an inspection report with a calculation of the cost of materials, in accordance with market prices.

6. A comprehensive review of the collected information on the victim, determination of the category for receiving assistance is carried out.

7. The final list of beneficiaries for distribution of certificates for receiving construction materials is formed.

What types of work are provided for carrying out light and medium repairs:

-replacement/installation of roofing materials;
-replacement/installation of rafters of the roof structure;
-replacement/installation of windows or double-glazed windows;
-replacement/installation of entrance and interior doors;
-insulation of the roof/attic floor.

List of documents required to receive assistance:

1. Passport and identification number of the owner (physical presence or by proxy);
2. Documents confirming ownership of the damaged property;
3. Demolition act drawn up by state authorities.
4. Other documents confirming the presence of a vulnerability category (IDP certificate, disability certificate, etc.).

You can get more detailed information about registration for assistance from local self-government bodies.

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