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Millions of residents of Ukraine found themselves in difficult life circumstances, which are sometimes difficult to cope with on their own. That is why one of the areas of work of ADRA Ukraine is psychological assistance to people who have suffered directly or indirectly as a result of hostilities.

Due to the number of trials that many had to face, sometimes only psychological counseling is not enough because the problems have become more profound and require the involvement of specialized specialists. From now on, the team of the organization has been strengthened by professional psychotherapists who will help overcome conditions that significantly affect the quality of life and health – both physical and mental.

Assistance is provided within the framework of Lifesaving Evacuation, Assistance and Protection (LEAP) project with the support of the Canadian government.

To make an appointment for a consultation, please, call the following numbers:
+38 050 010 59 78
+38 050 010 46 69

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